Patio heaters have become a household name, especially in regions that are known to have cold spells, and it is unlikely to miss one in a store, a restaurant, a nightclub, or a home. The fact that they have become significantly cost effective is probably another reason why they are so prolific.

The huge demand for these devices has also resulted in an increase in the number of manufacturers, which is a good and bad thing.

  • In that good case, consumers have a vast selection of patio heaters to choose from in stores. Besides the popular natural gas patio heaters, customers can also search for electric patio heaters and propane heaters, which offer unique advantages attached to a brand.
  • Probably the only bad thing consumers should be aware of is cheap patio heaters that do not last long.

Gas Patio Heaters

An LPG gas cylinder is a popular method for powering patio heaters because of the clean energy. Gas patio heaters are connected to an LPG cylinder and, with the help of a gas regulator, users of the device can control the amount of gas reaching the burner chamber.

The old version of gas-powered patio heaters functions by igniting a pilot light through the piezo ignitor, which then lights up the main gas chamber. On the converse, the new version of gas patio heaters utilizes gas valves to function continuously, a phenomenon known as pulse pilot.

However, both types of gas patio heaters require a thermocouple to raise the temperature of the device up to a particular level when it lights up the gas chamber.

Thermocouples on the devices are also used to lower or raise the temperatures of the device as desired. Most devices have the thermocouple fitted at the back of the gas control valve, and then connected to an electromagnetic valve, which is responsible for sending a signal that will open or close the gas control valve.

Electric Patio Heaters

Electric patio heaters use quartz heat lamps to produce heat. They use a type of heating method called conversion, whereby heat energy is transferred to an object without heating the air in between the object and the heating device.

One of the main advantages of this shortwave energy is the fact that you do not have to worry about the heat being blown away by wind. This makes it an effective source of heat outdoors.

Electric heaters are popular with the masses since you do not need to heat the air first before the user starts enjoying the heat. Once you switch on an electric patio heater, you can use control devices such as time-delay switches or movement sensors to quickly heat up the immediate air to avoid needlessly heating up the surrounding air.

Another upside of having electric patio heaters is the ability to use them inside and outside the house. They are also quite easy to install even if you are a first-time owner.

Both gas patio heaters and electric patio heaters are convenient devices for extending the summer heat into the cold season. It is suggested you consider learning more about the pros and cons of each type to avoid settling for economic patio heaters that offer poor results.